Let us deliver for you!

Let the Gabby Cabby help you bring your product to market!..........including the greater Spokane and Seattle metro areas.

Delivery Regions

Seattle Route – Alternate Weeks / Bi-weekly

Our Seattle area route includes the greater Seattle metro area, Auburn, Kent, Renton, Burien, Redmond, Bellevue, Everett, Woodinville, Monroe, Leavenworth and more..

Spokane Route – Alternate Weeks / Bi-weekly

Greater Spokane area including Moses Lake.

North Central Washington Route - Weekly

Methow Valley, Okanogan, Omak, Pateros, Chelan, Wenatchee.

With more than 80 established outlets and over 30 producers, we don't just deliver your products, we help you maintain long-term relationships with your customers. Let us help you sell!

We offer substantial discounts for those clients who contract with us as "Delivery Partners" for regular pickup and deliveries. Your commitment means savings!

We are a proud partner and supporter of Methow Made located at Twisp Works.

Got Wine?  Cider?  Beer?

We specialize in representing small wineries with their merchandizing and marketing needs.  Ask us! 

We act as licensed agents for several Wineries, Cideries and Brewing Companies and have a pricing structure built to suit each businesses individual needs.

Some of the clients that we currently act as licensed agents for are:  Lost River Wine, Finnriver Cidery, Snowdrift Cider, Atam, Cairdeas, & Tildio Wineries, Vinum Wines, Methow Valley Brewing Co and more. 

We also offer drop shipping services.

Got Product?

The GC is a different type of delivery service because we offer you options! Our range of services are from simple drop ship to full scale marketing, and we customize to suit your specific business needs. We are the most affordable distribution choice for local products because we are here specifically to meet the needs of our small local producers and the retailers who offer their products. 

One of the benefits of our service is that we operate as additional "eyes & ear" for our clients as we are delivering.  Because of the relationships that naturally develop with our customers, we often receive orders, questions, and requests.  We then pass this information directly on to you.

Our goal is to work together to be sustainable, cooperative, and profitable. We welcome discussions with our producers and retailers regarding lowering costs.

We offer substantial discounts for those clients who contract with us as "Business Partners" for regular pickup and deliveries. Your commitment means savings! (an exclusivity contract for designated territory may apply)

We will work with you to create an individual agreement as simple as per pound pricing, per box pricing or invoice percentage. Everyone likes options and we have them! contact us for more information.

An example of our per pound pricing is as follows:

0 - 30 $10.00 75.1 - 80 $20.00
30.1 - 35 $11.00 80.1 - 85 $21.00
35.1 - 40 $12.00 85.1 - 90 $22.00
40.1 - 45 $13.00 90.1 - 95 $23.00
45.1 - 50 $14.00 95.1 - 100 $25.00
50.1 - 55 $15.00    
55.1 - 60 $16.00    
60.1 - 65 $17.00    
65.1 - 70 $18.00    
70-1 - 75 $19.00    

Oversized items will be assessed a minimum fee of $15 to be determined by the driver.

Standard size boxes are (14w x 14h x 24L) and under 30# weight.

A $10/$15/$20 minimum delivery fee applies - minimum price is based on delivery area.

Looking To Expand Your Business?

The GC delivery vans travel over 52,000 miles each year throughout the state, delivering to retailers where products just like yours are sold. People in Spokane and Seattle and Wenatchee and Chelan -  wherever we go! - approach us to ask about the products they see advertised on our vans. With 50,000 miles driven, at an average of 20 people per mile, that is over one million views every year! Imagine the exposure! We aren't called the "Gabby Cabby" for nothing! We tell them your story! Ask us about our mobile sign program!

Because we are relationship driven, we often receive orders, questions, and requests. We then pass this information directly on to you. As a service to our clients, when requested we are happy to receive consolidated orders from retail grocery buyers, which we forward directly to you for confirmation. This makes it easier for them to order your product!

We also specialize in helping our retailers access hard-to-find specialty items. Many Chefs and F&B managers use us to source local products that we might pick up along our routes. 

Local, Healthy, Organic, Sustainable.... these are the products we offer!

Our marketing efforts are individually designed to meet your needs, expand your accounts, increase orders with 3 simple goals:

*Increase the delivery volume

*Simplify routes

*Be an Efficient Team!

Courier Service

Please contact us for individual requests. Incidental pickups and deliveries along our established routes may save you time and money!

48 hour advance notice advised. Short notice requests (less than 24 hour notice) may incur additional surcharges.