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Passenger Shuttles now owned and operated by Classic Mountain Cabby

  Susan Speir, Owner, Marketing

Pam Purtell, Office Manager, Delivery

27 Nother Road
Twisp, WA 98856

the Gabby Cabby

Delivery and Courier Service.

The Methow Valley's Friendly and Reliable Delivery Service

Our Values define who we are and how we conduct our business with you!

Relationship-Driven: The Gabby Cabby is a dependable delivery service, moving product from local businesses and producers to customers in Western, North Central and Eastern Washington state. The Gabby Cabby offers a valuable service that larger chain delivery services just can’t match! We move artisan and agricultural products regularly and affordably, increasing orders and helping to build new accounts. We create and build relationships between producers and customers in the rural and urban areas of Washington state.

Cost-Effective:  The Gabby Cabby is a cost-effective delivery service. Our planned routes and combined deliveries ensure maximum fuel efficiency to save you time and money.

Locally Owned: Your support of a local delivery service in North Central Washington builds strong communities! We keep dollars in the local economy and connect producers, wholesalers, retailers and neighbors.

The Gabby Cabby network is a collaborative community that works to promote the interests of small businesses within Washington State.

The Gabby Cabby, LLC is fully licensed and bonded